The central monument of Tlachtga itself is an impressive earthwork. Measuring approximately 135 m in diameter from outside of bank to outside of bank, it is also surrounded by a scarping (presumably providing some of the material from which the outer banks were constructed) to an additional width of c. 15 m around the entire circumference. The number of known quadrivallate enclosures is very low, and includes Rathra, Co. Roscommon (, the Rath of the Synods at the Hill of Tara and the enclosure at Rathdrinna, Co. Tipperary, currently the focus of an excavation project ( Tlachtga differs markedly from Rathra and Rathdrinna in that the majority of the monument is taken up with its vallations leaving little room for a large interior space. The central mounded portion at Tlachtga measures c. 50 m in diameter, significantly more than a third of the total diameter of the monument. This is closer to the situation at the Rath of the Synods, where the total monument diameter is c. 85 m while the inner enclosure is approximately 32 m in diameter.


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