Medieval settlement

Two fields to the east of Tlachtga lie the clear remains of a previously unrecorded medieval settlement (now allocated the SMR No. ME030-034—-). This clearly occupies at least one field and may stretch further to the northwest where the central hollow-way of the settlement gives way to a raised, straightened bank on the west side. Approximately nine burgage plots are distributed along the western side of the field with irregular raised areas to the east. In the southeast lies a large subrectangular enclosure (c. 110 x 90 m), itself sub-divided and with an apparent rectangular foundation in its southwest corner. The pattern of field boundaries in the surrounding area is extremely suggestive and clearly radial, radiating away from the central area of the settlement field. This suggests a possible earlier (perhaps early medieval) core to the site.

1.5 km to the north lies the ruined 15th century church at Rathmore, formerly the estate of the Plunkett family (see Leask 1933). This also appears to have a series of burgage plots associated with it, again to the west, as well as a range of other features of possible archaeological interest. The site of Rathmore has recently been the subject of an undergraduate dissertation by Siobhan Rheinisch of Sligo IT, who has kindly provided the lidar image. Rathmore has recently been very much in the news over the theft (and, thankfully, subsequent return of its well-known octagonal font base ( Again, it is hoped that the fields around Rathmore, particularly to the southeast, will be the subject of future funding applications.


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