Geophysics Round 1: Summer 2012

Susan lends a hand…

In 2012 a small grant from the Heritage Council enabled us to undertake quite extensive geophysical survey at the Hill of Ward and a number of localities in the immediate area (the embanked enclosure, Wardstown deserted settlement, the northern enclosure banks). This was undertaken in collaboration with Dr Chris Carey, formerly of the Universities of Exeter and Birmingham, his field assistant Hannah Ventre and a number of volunteers from the School of Archaeology, UCD. Conditions at Tlachtga in Summer 2012 were difficult. A relatively warm spring (relative to 2013 at any rate…) had led to the thistles and nettles having a particularly fine start to the year. Given the occasionally steep and treacherous nature of the banks and several days of near horizontal start of our survey we did remarkably well. Some results to follow!


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